Manju Misra, Ph. D

Ph.D.Birla Institute of Technology 2009

Manju Misra, Ph. D

Assistant Professor

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Research Interests

Thermal characterization of different pharmaceutical process, including solid state characterization, Exploring the potential of bovine lipid carriers in targeted drug delivery to brain, posterior segment of eye, Nanocrystals and other solubility enhancement techniques and application in pharmaceutical formulation development.


  • December 2009-Present:
    Assistant Professor , Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER Ahmedabad, Palaj Gandhinagar.
  • May 2009- December 2009:
    Research scientist, F& D Department, Cadila Pharmaceuticals Limited, Dholka, Ahmedabad
  • December 2008 to March 2009:
    Research Scientist-II, F& D Department, Piramal Pharmaceuticals Development Services Pvt Ltd., PHARMEZ, Ahmedabad.
  • October 2007-December 2008:
    Research Scientist, F& D Department, Macleod’s Pharmaceuticals, Andheri, Mumbai.



  • SERB Award Department of science and technology New Delhi, 2017, EMR/2016/007966/HS
  • Travel Supportfor attaining 15th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology to be held from 25-07-17 to 27-07-17 in Osaka, Japan by SERB 2017
  • Travel Support for attending International Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium (DBT/CTEP/02/201700673) by department of Biotechnology 2017 . (Declined)
  • INSPIRE Faculty Award Department of science and technology New Delhi, 2012


  • Rapid Grant for young investigator Award (RGYI) Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, New Delhi 2012
  • INSPIRE Faculty Award Department of science and technology New Delhi, 2012-2017DST SERB EMR , SERB 2017


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  • Shah, B., Khunt, D. ,Manju Misra, H Padh(2018) Formulation and in-vivo pharmacokinetic consideration of intranasal microemulsion and mucoadhesive microemulsion of rivastigmine for brain targeting. Pharmaceutical Research, 35(1),
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  • Shah Brijesh, Dignesh Khunt, Himanshu Bhatt, Manju Misra, and Harish Padh. "Intranasal delivery of venlafaxine loaded nanostructured lipid carrier: Risk assessment and QbD based optimization." Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology 33 (2016): 37-50.
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  • Ekta Bharvada, Viral Shah, Manju Misra. Exploring mixing uniformity of a pharmaceutical blend in a high shear mixture granulator using enthalpy values obtained from DSC. Powder Technology 05/2015; 276. DOI:10.1016/j.powtec.2015.02.008•
  • Samir Kalavadia, Ranjeet Prasad Dash, Manju Misra, Manish Nivsarkar, Design and In Vivo Evaluation Of Gastrointestinal Mucoadhesive Patch System (Gmps) Loaded With Chitosan Nanoparticles , International Journal of Pharmaceutical Development & Technology IJPDT / 4 (3), 2014.
  • Rudree Pathak, Ranjeet Prasad Dash, Manju Misra, Manish Nivsarkar Role of mucoadhesive polymers in enhancing delivery of nimodipine microemulsion to brain via intranasal route, Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B 2014;4(2):151–160.
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