Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Research Activity

  • Cellular & molecular mechanisms involved in diabetes and its complications (neuropathy, nephropathy & encephalopathy)
  • Development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of spontaneous ongoing pain devoid of drug addiction
  • Cellular & molecular mechanisms involved in chronic neuropathic pain and associated CNS co-morbidities
  • Role of reward circuitry in peripheral opioid induced neuropathic pain relief
  • To develop the animal model of stroke induced chronic pain and develop new therapies against it
  • The translational aspect of safety and efficacy of intra-arterial delivery of mesenchymal stem cells in small and large animal model of ischemic stroke and related mechanisms of neuroprotection.
  • The regulatory RNA mediated mesenchymal stem cell engineering and nanoparticle based targeted drug delivery to the brain.
  • To elucidate mechanisms for the deleterious effect of hyperglycemia in ischemic stroke.
  • To explore the endocrine regulation towards neuroprotection in ischemic stroke.
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